Credit & Debit card payment processing solutions & POS Terminals for accepting payments from customers from Axxess Payments
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Stop Playing Inflated Fees
Not all credit card and debit card processing companies charge the same fees! You may be paying grossly inflated fees for your card processing services! Contact us and let us show you how much money you can save simply by switching.

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Merchant Account – Merchant account for debit & credit card payment processing

Payment Processing - POS Payment Processing

Credit Card Processing - Credit Card Payment Processing
Debit Card Processing - Debit Card Payment Processing
Gift Cards - Gift Card Programs
Business Funding - Cash Advance Solutions for businesses


POS Terminals - POS Terminals for Payment Processing

Standalone Terminals - Standalone POS Terminals
Wireless Terminals – Wireless POS Terminals
PIN Pads - PIN Pad Payment Processing


Ecommerce Solutions - E-Commerce Solutions for accepting Online Payment

Accept Payment Online - Online Payments with efficient Payment Gateways
Payment Gateway - Secure Payment Gateways
Virtual Terminals - Virtual Terminal Payment Processing
Online Shopping Cart - Online Shopping Cart for E-Commerce Sites
Security Solutions - E-commerce Security Solutions

Industries Served - Payment Processors for Multiple Industries

Contact Us - Contact Axxess Payments for POS Terminals

Career - Career Opportunities at Axxess Payments

Promotional Offers – Special POS Terminal Offers

Service Guarantee - POS Service Guarantee Information

Useful Resources – Useful IT & Technology Resources


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If we cannot save you money on your Visa rate, MasterCard rate, Debit fees OR unit costs,
we will send you $500!
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