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Stop Playing Inflated Fees
Not all credit card and debit card processing companies charge the same fees! You may be paying grossly inflated fees for your card processing services! Contact us and let us show you how much money you can save simply by switching.

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Debit Card Payment Processing

  • Accept Interac® and upcoming Visa® and MasterCard® debit cards at only 5 cents per transaction!
  • Flexible payment options mean you can lease or own your terminal.
  • PCI Compliant and chip card ready.
  • Stand-alone and wireless credit card machines, virtual terminal and Internet solutions.
  • 24/7 customer service, so we\'re there when you need us.

Why Should Your Business Accept Debit Cards?

Accepting debit cards is a great way to increase sales for your business, since many consumers do not carry cash and sometimes do not want or are unable to obtain a credit card. Accept Interac® for only 5 cents per transaction - it couldn\'t be simpler! Visa® and MasterCard® are soon entering the Canadian market with debit cards of their own, so make the switch today and take debit cards for only a nickel a swipe!


Stand-alone Terminals

Our state-of-the-art terminals offer powerful, flexible and advanced technology. Enjoy buy-now or lease-to-buy options, as well as free software upgrades or replacements, which will ensure you always get next-generation features for your business.

  • We carry Hypercom and Ingenico - the best brands in the industry.
  • Free limited warranty on all our debit/credit card machines.
  • Flexible payment options - you can lease or own your terminal.
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Wireless Terminals

Give your business the mobility it needs when accepting debit cards, by using a wireless point-of-sale machine. Our cordless terminals offer you limitless possibilities for accepting credit or debit cards wherever your business takes you, or wherever your customers are.

  • Connects via cell phone networks for portable payment solutions.
  • Ideal for restaurants, taxi, delivery, service professionals and more.
  • Limited warranty on all terminals.
  • Worry-free transactions with the highest level of security.
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